Bob Hughes – Play theorist and activist

Just want to share a link for the wonderful Bob Hughes, a lifelong advocate for free play and play as a fundamental and essential part of human development.

A Taxonomy of Play Types in which he identifies 16 types of play that children display in normal play development

  • Play types: social, socio-dramatic, rough-and-tumble, exploratory, object, creative, communication, deep, recapitulative, symbolic, fantasy, dramatic, imaginative, locomotor, mastery and role play.

He has written many other books since then, which can be found at his website Play Education

PlayEducation came into being in 1982. It was created by Bob Hughes, a playworker since 1970, to address the chronic shortage of training and education opportunities in the field of playwork.

Since then PlayEducation has provided cutting edge play and playwork training and education for playworkers, childcare and early years workers, environmentalists, scientific professionals, architects and parents in locations as diverse as Northern Ireland, Germany, Japan, Wales, USA, Scotland, Argentina, England, Hong Kong, Australia, the Republic of Ireland and Portugal.

I am glad to see he is still active and promoting the message of free play, which still seems to need to filter through to government and education alike.

Bob Hughes

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4 Responses to Bob Hughes – Play theorist and activist

  1. Jill Thomas says:

    I am so pleased to find this comment on Bob Hughes. I am a retired primary teacher and was pleased to follow Bob’s career and research. He is the son of my first cousin, Jean, so am even more interested in him as a person. His photo clearly shows the family characteristics. Jill

  2. Cheryl Kennedy says:

    I am studying childcare at the moment and learning about child development, theories, and theorists. I find Bob’s work so interesting and have chosen Bob for my assessment on his work and processes.
    Fantastic work, very fascinating.

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