Name Change on it’s way

Well, it’s been a long time. How have you been?

I have been slogging away, trying to find work in this recession ravaged environment that was once alive with arts and play projects! It must be happening somewhere – just not where I live… it seems.

Temporarily I work in a care home, providing activities for the elderly (and mostly very poorly indeed) folk. It’s heartwarming and rewarding at times – I have nurtured a great team of volunteers and we are fabulous at crafts and fundraising (over £1,000 since December – go us!).

My angle is to get people doing something they have never done before, such as mosaics or fabric painting: most people have been crafters in their lives, with some extraordinary skills in cross stitch and knitting, but why be reminded of skills you have lost when instead you can look at what you CAN do now.

Audrey used to knit, but with failing eyes and aching hands, why struggle to knit when you can become the most amazing mosaic artist! Just look at this…………..


…she is well chuffed with herself and rightly so! Her lifelong love of jigsaws turning into transferable skills. We could start a cottage industry if only we could churn them out fast enough.

Best of all – this is made with recycled CD’s! All my skills are not being completely wasted!

Here’s hoping I can return to what I am best at very soon……I have had enough of Bingo for the time being!

Oh…and the name change? Soon I will become ‘The Art of Play’ and the domain name for this site will change to I like this name, Play.Train (now sadly over) used to run a course of this title that I delivered training on a few times, and it really encompasses my approach to arts projects. I tried to think of a name that would cover all age groups, but finding it tricky, so may have to market my work with the elderly and other adults groups under another banner.

Any thoughts on the name?
What’s happening in your world of arts and play? Would love to hear.


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1 Response to Name Change on it’s way

  1. Wendy Skorupa says:

    I am a befriender with Crossroads Care and I visited my person Maureen this afternoon. She is eighty and gets a lot of pleasure from her knitting and crochet. She isn’t interested in reading The knitting – which she usually gifts to others keeps her feeling that she is contributing. And also of course keeps her fingers supple and strong. It is a conversation prompt too. just wanted to say that crafts become very important in later life. Keeping your crafting skills when so many other hobby outlets are a thing of the past, is crucial. Sounds like you are doing a great job Jane. Good for you.

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