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On being wrong

This is a wondeful TED talks video from Kathryn Schulz, author of “Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error”. In it she talks about how hard we work to avoid being wrong and the problems this causes. I was going … Continue reading

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Creators not consumers

“Creators not consumers” was the mantra when I first worked with Play.Train in the early 1990’s. What drove us was the wish to encourage young people to recognise and value their own abilities to create, make, do, sing, think and … Continue reading

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Here’s one I didn’t make earlier

I was a huge Blue Peter fan as a kid (for non UK readers it is our longest running children’s TV programme which began in the 1960’s) I couldn’t wait to see what the latest arts project would be. A … Continue reading

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Choosing a theme

Teachers often choose a theme for a half term and base as many lesson plans as possible round it. The idea is it’s more imaginative, more fun and gets children (and teachers) thinking across subjects and not keeping them in separate boxes. … Continue reading

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Teaching creatively or teaching for creativity?

Recently on a training course we were all asked to make a simple paper helicopter from a template. We all worked away at cutting out, heads down, concentrating. The finished things all did what they should and were fun…….well, for … Continue reading

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Artswork = Teamwork

A comment I hear often is that teachers struggle to get classes working together; attempting to put children into groups to do a task can sometimes end in chaos. I find that when the children have set their own task … Continue reading

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