Makedo Kits

A recent discovery is the wonderful world if Makedo, based in Australia

Makedo is a connector system that enables materials including cardboard, plastic and fabric to easily join together to form new objects or structures.

When you’re done playing, simply pull it apart to reuse over and over again.

See their web site for inspiration. Fabulous ‘makes’ from the most basic materials – mostly cardboard boxes

Definitely right at the top of my ‘Oh my I wish I had thought of that’ list. I will be sending off for some of their connecting kits soon so I can incorporate this into my work.

Weekend Project - Giant Windball  By Master Maker Tanaka Satoshi.  Download instructions here

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1 Response to Makedo Kits

  1. Wendy Skorupa says:

    Here I am again Jane. I had more or less just finished doing a session with my small ‘brain boxes’ when I found this. Of course this is now top of my wish list for this re-constituted mind/brain/child/woman.

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