How not to waste 50 plastic bottles

February half term saw another project for South Staffordshire Council’s SUSSED programme of activities – this time it was ‘Glow In the Dark Bugs’ made from pop bottles with a glow stick inside.Alien bug craft

The good staff at the Council offices collected bottles for me for a month or so – 7 bin liners full! (Who drinks this stuff?!) We had enough for all the children and then leftovers…….did I stick them in the skip at the back of the leisure centre? NO! I had to take them home and see it as a challenge to invent uses for them.

A brief bit of sun here in the UK had me optimistically gardening (we are now freezing cold and wet again), so I wondered what help the 50 or so leftover bottles might be.

Some strawberries were emerging already and I recalled that last year I did not eat a single one, what with it being the  most bumper year for slugs EVER on account of it raining from May to September. I wondered how I might get to the fruits first this year – or at least give myself a head start.

Hanging the plants seemed the best option; I had tried this before but in hanging baskets, which took up quite a bit of space and I don’t have much room for hanging things like that. So the next bit if thinking was – can I make use of my yards of fence space? Yes was the answer and after a bit of trial and error I came up with this:

DSC07621Putting a piece of bamboo through seemed to be the best way to hold the weight. I use some nylon thread to hold them together, which has the added bonus of sounding like a guitar when you twang it – so I get to play my strawberry pots too!

You can see the structure better here, before I put the plants in.


Here is another type of planter with a hole cut out of each side of the bottle. I have some of these in the greenhouse too

DSC07632And finally, some cloches over my self set celery and winter lettuce seeds. I need to use another 12 bottles to complete the fence hangers, and more for seeds as they emerge – so I think I can definitely use all 50 and maybe more!


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